Can you hear the wind?

Hello friends !

It is quite the blustery day in the city of St. Louis on this Wednesday. How is it in your neck of the woods?

I think the wind speaks. Do you?

It seems to call us to listen to its song. It has power and strength. It causes things to move. It brings things alive. Tree limbs blow and sway and dance.

Wind is special. It also has a mind and way of its own. You cannot tell wind what to do-rather it is the other way around. Wind has the first say. Wind speaks volumes of emotions. It never hesitates to tell you what it wants.

I am home today “enjoying” the company of the latest virus and I feel the wind keeping me company. I hear it calling and loving me. “Hi, Jo”, it speaks invitingly. ” I know you don’t feel your best today but I am the wind and you are alright.” “And like me, the wind, today will blow away and tomorrow will bring a new day.” “Enjoy the peace of my song.”

And so I am. Blow wind where you will. Thank you for being here with me today and always to signal the presence of life and movement- To let me know things change daily-That new winds are blowing in at all times. I feel a new wind of change blowing me forward as I write today. It is an interesting season of “being” for me. I do not label myself with a job title in this moment as I have for so many years in my past. Instead, I sit quietly and listen to the winds of my heart and soul and I wait. I feel winds of change coming and that excites me. I have no concrete design for what the change(s) will look like-not just yet anyway. And that is somewhat unsettling and freeing at the same time. I am in the “land of exploration”. I am delighting in taking that next small step as God puts it in my path and trusting this path is going where it needs to go. I am taking time to enjoy each step ON the path-not as worried as I once was about the end destination. This time I want to enjoy the scenery all along the journey. I don’t want to miss the delight of each precious stop on this path to somewhere. What kinds of winds are in this new season of life for me? I don’t know but I don’t want to miss a single one. Time-I believe it will take time on this new path for its fuller unfolding and revelation of where and what this path is leading toward; and I am willing to enjoy this time of coasting with the wind and watching for the next steps in my journey. I am not so rushed by needing to run to the finish line and find the answers. I am going to slow the pace of my walking and stroll along and let the wind whistle its directions. I want to swaddle and nurture myself and enjoy the journey as each new step comes to light. This is a season of waiting and watching and for the first time, perhaps in all of my life thus far, I am content to move slowly-to saunter instead of run.

For today I am content-content to watch the wind and let the wind guide my way. I shall applaud its dance and join in when I feel the wind calls me to join the rhythm and sway of its world. For today-I absorb the strength and encouragement the wind offers to me. I bask in its sweetness and invitation to listen to its voice, its wisdom, its guidance.

Let yourself sit sometimes. We are often so busy with “busy” that we miss the beauty of the wind. It has a voice, a color, a sound, a message. Listen. Heed. Embrace. Enjoy. Indulge.

Can you hear the wind?

Until again,


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