heart beats live.

Did you ever wonder why you are here? Have you ever asked the question “What is my purpose?” I have. I think we all do. I think the answers to those questions change as our seasons of life change. I think the more we live the more our heart beats. The more our heart beats the more we live. This blog is about living, learning, hurting, growing, surviving, thriving, changing and success. It is about my life which presented with challenges beginning before the day I was born. I am 57 currently, so that’s alot of life to share. My hope is that in my life and its challenges and triumphs, YOU FIND your heart beats that encourage YOU to live. I am not going to tell you it’s easy but I AM going to promise you it’s possible. How can I promise THAT you ask? Well, I could have/should have been dead three times, THREE times-1958, 1989 and 1995. Clearly, that did not happen because my heart beats and I live. Therefore, I am proof of my promise. My promise is YOUR promise. If your heart beats than you live, too. And if you live, then you are here and have purpose. PERIOD. Want to explore with me? Let’s do that! Let’s adventure through life together through story and thought and reflection and sharing.

heart beats live

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  2. Angie Jungbluth

    Ironic! I crave downtime by myself. Most of the time, I feel like I cannot get enough of it!!! My favorite things to do by myself: read the Bible (and look up commentaries on my phone for what I just read), chew on that wisdom, art in the studio, nature Journaling on the trail, reading, cooking, etc. I get impatient that the day goes too fast!!! I have been praying about this impatience of mine, and I seem to be getting a little better about it. I don’t know if all of that helps you are not, but I felt compelled to share;)



      Hi ANGIE
      Thank you for reading and responding. It helps a lot !!!!!
      I have talked to some others to get more feedback on this idea and it seems waiting or even pausing are difficult skills.
      Thsnk you for being you.


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