PURPOSE-what is that, right?

Hi friends….

Good to be with you on a Friday evening waiting for the temperature to change and waiting for possible snowfall over the weekend. (I know , I just lost the half of you that are sun worshippers didn’t I  :- 0  )….

Regardless of your preference in weather, purpose is still always an interesting pursuit. What do you all think? Is a purpose a calling or an experience or a feeling? Do we like talking about that word? Does it scare us? Does it disturb us? Is it a spiritual dimension of our lives?

In my last entry, I talked about how important it is that we are all HERE. Where is your “here” ?  I think we have many places we can call “here” in our lives every day. HERE can be home or work or a party or a meeting or a lunch date or a peaceful “sit” on a park bench. Does your PURPOSE change based  on location? Perhaps the description of the activity which you are purposed to accomplish absolutely varies based on location. Yet, is there a weave of the sense of purpose on a larger scale that seams its thread in every location on every day in every place for every person? And is THAT perspective on purpose—well—the real purpose of PURPOSE?

I propose for discussion today, the answer to the query above is a YES. I base my conclusion on a fact of logic. You take “you” with you everywhere you go. Your heart and spirit and characteristics and motives are with you all the time. I wonder if this larger sense of purpose which I am proposing comes out of this larger sense of who we are. What are we at the heart and spirit and motive level?  I am talking about the reality that is “US” at the core. And could it be that “us” just being “us” at this core level daily in fact, be our purpose?  Let me state this a little more clearly.

I would generally say that I am a warm hearted, gentle spirited, outgoing and encouraging type of person. Therefore, for me, perhaps my purpose is to bring my warmth, gentleness, joy and encouragement with me wherever I go. Could it be that simple? Could it be that living a purpose filled life for me means living a life where I am awake and tuned in to the important core characteristics that makes me, ME and using them to salt and season all the multiple places I may end up calling “here” in any given 24 hour period? Could it really be that simple?

I think maybe it can. Of course, in order for any of us to salt and season the world with the core of who we are, we need to know that core of our being. How many of us take the time to do that? Do you know YOU?

Maybe that is step one. What am I like? Whom do I like? If I could create an ideal week what would that look like and what does the perfect week I would create say about who I am at my core?

These are not easy questions but they are important ones. You are here and so you are worth knowing these answers about yourself. It’s worth it for me to challenge myself to ask these very questions. Tall order but good investment. Yes? And you are also worth it, from my vantage point anyway, to ask these questions of yourself.

Let’s talk about it.

Until again—snow or not    🙂

I am, yours,

JO         🙂





















I breathe-therefore, I live!

Hi !

Welcome aboard the “Jo Train”. It’s been a wild ride these first 57 years. If patterns of history are clues to the future, I suspect the ride could remain interesting. Let me begin by re-addressing the BIG questions I ask, maybe you do too, often.

Why am I here?

What is my purpose?

I am here because I did not die- Not in 1958, when there were two fetuses in the womb, ( I survived, my twin sister did not). I was chosen to live. Therefore, I am here. I believe that means something.

I am here because I did not die-Not in 1989, when I was in an emergency surgery situation and my twin sister (fetus in fetu-a type of dermoid teratoma and expression of Vanishing Twin Syndrome) was no longer doing my own body any health favors. The bloodwork and my immune system was screaming “live or die” and the gamble of antibiotic mixing paid off. I was chosen to live. Therefore, I am here. I believe that means something.

I am here because I did not die-Not in 1995, when life’s traumas and the grief and loss of my twin sister overwhelmed me and I was treated, successfully, for major depression and anxiety. I was chosen to live. Therefore, I am here. I believe that means something.

YOU are here too, reading this, which means you have not yet died-Not in 2016, when, no matter what life threw at you, you persevered and conquered. YOU were chosen to live. Therefore, YOU are here. I believe that means something.

WE ARE HERE-I believe that means something. This is just the beginning of a wonderful journey you and I, and WE, can all take together. We can share our tears and grief, our triumphs and joy. We can tackle the everyday life challenges and plunge deeper into muck of struggle. We don’t have to do this life alone. EVER. So let’s do it together. YOU, ME, US.

Here comes the “Jo Train, Jo Train”. Hop aboard with me. Share your struggles and triumphs. I will share mine. Together we will all become stronger than we seem, smarter than we think, braver than we feel.


til again,